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Roku TV – Low Audio Fixed!!!

Hello to all you Plex and Roku Fans out there…

It is rare that I am this excited to post something. I have recently migrated to some new TCL TV’s (32″, 40″ 55″ and 75″) all of which are series 4. A big problem I have been seeing is that a LOT of people who have migrated to the Roku TV’s recently, are having low audio problems. This has been my biggest pain. I finally started really looking through the transcoder profiles, and made a lot of changes. When that didn’t work, I started looking at my Plex logs.  Here is what I saw…

model=”7000X” platform=”Roku” platformVersion=”9.x” product=”Plex for Roku”

This sent me down the path of looking at the available transcoders, which only went up to 7.x in the plex install. So I have to assume  that the volume was low because plex was using some default transcoder profile, since one for this version wasn’t defined. I copied the 7.x profile, updates the version number ad added it to the profile library. All of a sudden, my audio was back!!!

If you want to go the route I went to fix this, follow the ins(dis)trcutions below.  Happy Plexing.

Note: you may need to open your favorite code editor in administrator mode to write to this directory…


  1. Pick a favorite movie and play it on your Roku TV, find a spot you know and stop the playback…
  2. Navigate to your Plex install on your plex server. The default for windows should be
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Plex\Plex Media Server\Resources\Profiles
  3. Find the file named “Roku-7.x.xml”, right click and copy the file
  4. paste a new copy of the file and change the name to “Roku-9.x.xml”
  5. Open the new “Roku-9.x.xml” file and edit the following:
    • On Line 2 change name=”Roku-7.x”  to  name=”Roku-9.x”
  6. Save the file
  7. Resume playback on your show and note the amazing increase in volume…

Thoughts, Comments, Complaints?

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