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Cave -To- Den, The Biggest Transformation I Never Expected to Turn Out So Well

Well here is is, I finally collected all the photos I took throughout this project and put them together. Looking back, I can’t believe what I accomplished with a little bit of help from my friends, a lot of tools and a VERY patient wife. In fact, I think I did too good of a job, she now wants to hang out in my new den. 🙂  I love you dear…  So here is the breakdown…

Kitchen – Perhaps the biggest part of my remodel was the kitchen. This required tearing out not only drywall but all the studs and going completely back to concrete in order to pull a wall out to make room for new drain and water supply lines. A whole new circuit was added to my homes breaker box and new wiring was installed. The new drain line ties off of one found to come from the upstairs kitchen (on the other side of the basement). I tied into the water lines running to the same kitchen and pulled them down to the new kitchen and included a shut off valve for the outside hose bib under the sink. A lot of work, but amazing results. (beer fridge plus sink = Happy TJ)


Home Office – Because of the need to add a nursery to our home (yay for baby snow), this whole project started as a way to move my office to the basement. But after finding out how poorly the basement wiring was done, I needed to start from scratch. A second circuit was added to the houses breaker box and new wiring was pulled through the office in order to support my habit of way too much computer equipment, and add some additional lighting for a nice reading corner. Also HDMI was ran from the office to the new home theater in order to allow streaming video between the theater and office. New Ethernet was added so I don’t have to worry about wireless interference and the whole thing was sound proofed to stop any noise from the HVAC and plumbing from interfering with my workday. This also greatly reduced any noise coming from the hardwood floors in the dining and kitchen directly above the office on the main floor. Now I have an amazing home office with easy access to the new kitchen and an amazing reading nook with custom lighting and a reason to continue working from home. (like I needed any more)


Utility Closet – In order to get my home theater just right and reduce noise from the furnace, I needed to completely tear out the wall and closets from the basement. The water main was moved and pushed back into the closet with some access panels (this made for a flat wall to put the projector screen on). By switching from bi-fold to regular doors and sound proofing the walls and ceiling, I was able to minimize the amount of noise coming from the utility closet. With everything moved more tightly together, I was able to add a regular closet on the left to include not only shelving, but a new rack mount switch and power supply to provide wired internet to the rest of the house. In order to accommodate the floating floor I wanted, I had to pull the whole wall out about 9 inches in order to keep draining water from the water heater/softener from penetrating the wood. It made for a much cleaner wall without so many weird angles.


Home Theater – Last but certainly not least, the only thing the old cave was good for before the remodel was the home theater. It used to be on the half of the basement now occupied by the office and kitchen, because there was less noise from the furnace. Now that that has been resolved, the theater could easily (ya right) move to the other side of the basement. During framing I tried to account for every possibility when wiring. I added 7.1 surround sound wiring, HDMI from the entertainment center to the projector as well as back to the office, power supplies galore behind the entertainment system, in the server closet and in the ceiling for the projector. I also pulled in (though I am not currently using) coax cable for cable TV, with a splitter in the line in the back of the server closet, so I can run both a modem and cable box. Also pulled 4 Ethernet cables to hook up my various gaming consoles to the net. With the new IKEA cabinet I put in, and door and drawers that can remain closed and have soft closing hinges, this theater is now even kid friendly (about time). Sadly I had to drop from a 127″ screen to a 110″ screen, but the difference is really okay by me. with the short throw projector, it just meant I had more options for mounting. And now that the project is complete, I have my theater back and a nice place to relax.


That’s it…  Now instead of relaxing in my new den, I am going to get started on the nursery baby boy snow is only 3 months and change away from needing his room done…


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