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League Assignment: Blank Check for Stargate Merch

This weeks assignment from The League is “If you had a blank check to spend at Profiles in History, What would you spend it on?”

This weeks challenge is near and dear to my heart. I have always been a huge Stargate fan, and I have turned my wife into one as well. She is even now the proud owner of a script for an episode of Stargate Atlantis thanks to the writer Joseph Mallozzi. We are such fans, that she made me a Stargate Grooms Cake for our wedding, and our recessional music at the ceremony was the theme music from Stargate SG-1. So when i say we are fans, you must believe me.

So here it is, if I had a blank check to buy any one thing in the Dreier Collection at Profiles in History, it would be…

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6 comments on “League Assignment: Blank Check for Stargate Merch

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  3. The League responses never fail to surprise me, which is what makes it so much fun every week. I enjoyed Stargate but never would have seen someone picking a Stargate item over the other treasures in that catalog. It just goes to show that when you have an emotional bond with a movie or TV series, its inherent value can increase exponentially. Great post!

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