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Top Ten Tuesday: Epic Monologues on Television

Everyone has a favorite tv show. One they could watch over and over without it losing it’s charm. In some cases this is because of the humor, others it’s because it makes you cry. For me, it just has to have something different or something epic about it to bring me back. There are a few tv series I could watch over and over, then again, there are some that are only worht one or two watches, but either way, each of the shows on this list had something in common, an epic monologue.

mon·o·logue   [mon-uh-lawg, -log]
1. a prolonged talk or discourse by a single speaker, especially one dominating or monopolizing a conversation.

In this case, I wanted to share my all time favorite rant, spiels, and monologues from television. I hope you enjoy the Top Ten Epic Monologues on Television.

10. Sports Night

This is by far not the greatest scene in the world, but Jeremy’s speech here, gave me a great opener to this little top ten list. A litter humor to start things off, here we go… Sports Night, a poker game goes on while Dan and Casey wait to do a 2AM show. Jeremy and Natalie (sabrina lloyd) are having hard times after Jeremy played tennis with a female friend.

9. Dexter

After using a narcotics addiction as an excuse to help hide the fact that he is a serial killer, Dexter goes into narcotics anonymous in order to perpetuate the lie. After a while, he finds a way to liken the other addicts problems to his own, branding his need to kill as his “Dark Passenger”

8. Weeds

Andy Botwin is the uncle to the two boys of Nancy Botwin, an up and coming drug dealer/suburbanite mom. The youngest of the boys, Shane, is just hitting puberty and because his dad is no longer in the picture, uncle Andy steps in to help the kid understand what’ happening.


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  1. Nice

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