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Drinking Games for Geeks

I have shared this info once before on my other website, but somehow, it seemed relevant to re-share these games to you guys. Check them out, if you want more of these games, click the link and show some love to Today’s Drinker

Lord of the Rings Drinking Game:

Just one film or the whole trilogy?  Your call.  Depends if you have someplace to be the next day.

Below are abridged rules to Today’s Drinker’s very funny, surreal epic drinking (and, often, non-drinking) game.

Our advice: start with Fellowship, see how you get on.  If you’re in it for the long-haul, try the full Trilogy.


Drink Every Time . . .

  • Someone drinks anything.
    • If it’s a Hobbit, drink twice
    • If it’s Gimli, three times.
    • If Gimli belches afterward, drink the whole bottle.
  • Someone eats anything.  If it’s a Hobbit, twice.  If it’s an Orc eating entrails, take a third drink.
  • A Hobbit talks about food.
  • Frodo says “Oh, Sam!”
  • Aragorn and Boromir have an argument.
  • Someone looks all mopey and angst-ridden.  If it’s Frodo, drink again.
  • A Black Rider appears.
  • We see someone’s filthy, chewed-up fingernails.
  • Someone sings a song.
  • You can tell the camera was mounted on a helicopter.
  • Someone draws a sword.
  • Pippin acts like an idiot.
  • Legolas looks fabulous.
  • Frodo’s eyes roll back into his head.
  • Gollum hacks up a “gollum! gollum!”
  • Someone or something is called “precious.”
  • Someone consults a map.
  • You speak along with the dialogue.

Likely Hangover: The morning after will be Mordor

Oh Captain, My Captain (The Year Long Drinking Game)

What you will need:

Here’s the skinny. Get ahold of all the seasons and movies from each of the Star Trek series below. Beg borrow or steal the movies and deep space nine, but everything else should be streaming through netflix (trust me I am nin the middle of this). Grab some scifi loving freinds and keep your fridge or bar stocked to the brim.

Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
The Wrath of Kahn
The Search for Spock
The Voyage Home
The Final Frontier
The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek: Generations
Star Trek: First Contact
Star Trek: Insurrection
Star Trek: Nemesis
Star Trek (2009)

Game Description:
This game is as simple as any of the other media/movie drinking games, it is just played on a larger scale. You start by watching all the episodes and movies in Chrinological order, not by release, but by period in time. This would mean, that you wouldn’t start with the original series, you would start with Enterprise, since this happened a few hundred years before the original series. For the full episode list in chronological order, see below or go to The Star Trek Chronology Project.

Game Play:
Drink any time one of the following occurs…

We see Porthos
Hoshi translates something
Trip makes some reference to a stereotypically Southern item (pecan pie, catfish, mosquitoes, swamps, etc.)
Admiral Forrest calls
Someone mentions Chef
Malcolm smirks before firing a weapon
Sparks fly around the bridge
Phlox uses an animal to treat a crewmember
Trip gets shot
Alien Chick of the Week hits on Archer
Episode has a one-word title (One Sip)
Episode has a two-word title, one of which is “The” (Two Sips)
Anyone says “Xindi”

The Original Series
Bones says “He’s dead, Jim.”
Bones points out he’s a doctor, not a “________”
Kirk gets the girl
Kirk violates the prime directive
Kirks shirt gets ripped
Kirk kisses the girl
Kirk says “Phasers on stun”
Spock shows emotion
Spock uses the Vulcan neck pinch
Spock refers to the doctor as illogical
Spock says “Fascinating” or “Indeed”
Scotty complains about the warp speed requested/demanded
Scotty pulls off a miraculous technological feat
Scotty says “The engines canna take much more a this, Captain”
Chekov says “But Keptin….”
Chekov pronounces a “w” like a “v”
Sulu sets course
Sulu has the con

The Next Generation
Picard Says: Make it so
Picard Says: Engage
Picard Says: Come – two if said in personal quarters
Picard Says: Captain’s log – two if supplemental
Picard Says: Proceed
Picard Says: Number One
Worf Says: Impressive
Worf Says: Admirable
Data Says: Fascinating
Data Says: Accessing

Deep Space 9
Something isn’t working properly on the station
Anyone says ‘DS9′ as the name of the space station
Violence breaks out on the promenade ring
The wormhole is shown/opens (this includes the opening credits)
The station is shown from outside
The ‘cog’ airlocks are used/operated
Any door is seen opened manually (if it’s a ‘cog’, take two)
Somebody mentions Bjor (only one drink per line; any number during the scene)
Sisko threatens somebody
Someone hits on Dax
Odo is puzzled by humanoid behavior
The Cardasian spy uses clothing as a euphemism for something else
Dr. Bashir suggests something patently unwise

Janeway Gives the order to fire phasers and destroys something.
Janeway Invokes the Prime Directive (another for her or anyone else who breaks it).
Janeway Puts her hands on her hips.
Janeway Touches a member of the crew (another drink for crewmember she touches).
Chakotay Disagrees with Janeway.
Chakotay Makes another reference to his Native American Culture.
Chakotay Mentions the word “Maquis”.
Tuvok Does/says something Vulcan (mind meld, nerve pinch, raises eyebrow).
Tuvok Points out the logical course of action (double if everybody ignores him).
Neelix Another ugly alien shows up eating/looking to eat Neelix’s food.
Neelix Cooks something involving mildew, fungus, or things like that.
Neelix Gets jealous/overprotective of Kes (another for the person he’s jealous of).
Neelix Produces a grimace, stare or other type of pulled face with his cooking.
TORRES Gets angry.
TORRES Says the words “Star Fleet”; double if it’s said in a derogatory manner.
TORRES Says the word “Klingon.”


One comment on “Drinking Games for Geeks

  1. Jake
    June 11, 2012

    I already saw this on TodaysDrinker, but always an entertaining read…

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